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The start of my new creation: A guppy fish quest for confirmation

My first full length comes face to face with the issues of the increasing individualism.

This is what it feels like in the beginning of creating a new project, hiding behind a grape fruit. Not that I have any problems with grapefruits, more than that they are slightly bitter for my taste.

Anyway, starting the creation of a new piece is very personal for me. I need lots of time on my own in a studio, by a computer or just in the society. Inspiration for me comes from pulling away and viewing the world from other perspectives.

This piece is something else than what I have done before, something fuller and more. This piece is waking up the society from a good night sleep, yelling until it starts to listen. This piece is a call for the collective success and laughs the ego strait in its face. How did we end up where likes on Instagram is more important than looking peers in the eyes?

If everything goes as planned, this piece will kick of in February 2019.


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