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Gold frame 4_edited.jpg
Gold frame 4_edited.jpg

Between Now and Nothing


You're sitting still, but everything's moving. Your eyes move as they follow the world and you capture every second with your chest. Up, down, up down. Welcome on board the dance theatre performance Between Now and Nothing, a moving journey set on a train about time, life and love. 

This piece was created as part of Gabriella's year as KOKO kommunkoreograf (multiplicity choreographer) in Västervik kommun.

Thea Kallhed-Möller
Kajsa Nilsson


Marcus fältmark

Choreographer, director, writer, editor, costume designer
Gabriella Engdahl


Supported by
Swedish Arts Council
Västerviks County

Region Kalmar
Narrow Guage Railway Sweden

Photo 2: Nathalie Chavez

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