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MY NEXT PIECE (Update!! future piece): A guppy fish quest for confirmation

Uppdaterat: 2 jan. 2020

I thought it might be time for a description on my new project. Here are some of my entry points and thoughts on the theme.

Let's imagine what it is like to view the world as a guppy fish from a fish bowl, what would you see? Not much, and that is the point.

The increasing need of confirmation is an issue in todays society. Likes on social media becomes a dope, easy to get and accessible. But very lonely. The pressure on being unique has never been more central which shows a clear path in the wrong direction when it comes to mental illness.

Let us go back to the fish, which swims around in a bowl which is approximately 20 cm in diameter. What does it see? Not much more than its own fin and people walking by and stopping to watch it. The fact is that the fish itself actually constitutes a large part of its world, which I find is an interesting metaphore.

My piece is looking at the world from a fish bowl where you yourself make up a large part of your perception of the world. It questions our need for confirmation and what it does to society. It questions competition between peers on being the most unique one. Moreover, as the picture of the world shrinks to a focus that revolves around the self-centered brain, the society becomes an emptied place on community and an increasing place of unhappy, ego people.

Also, how come we experience less community when we have all the tools in the world to communicate?

These are a few of the entry thoughts before the rehearsal period starts. THANKS for making it through! See you on the premiere next spring.

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